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Taxation Services

Having trouble reconciling your accounts? Not enough hours in the day to balance the books? Outgrown your existing bookkeeper or have they recently left? Then CMA outsourced bookkeeping services can provide accurate and timely reporting for any business. You can focus on running your business while CMA reconciles your accounts and attends to the processing of your financial transactions.

Our outsourced bookkeeping services can:

  • Accounting software
  • Payroll (and related aspects of superannuation, workcover and PAYGWH)
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • General ledger
  • Inventory
  • Document management.

Outsourced Payroll

CMA’s outsourced payroll solutions provide your business with an end to end managed payroll service. Our payroll processing enables your employees to be paid accurately and on time. Using an outsourced payroll service will allow you to run your business, while we handle the payroll administrative duties.

Our payroll processes are designed to remove the reliance on a single person, both within your organisation and ours. A standard part of CMA’s outsourced payroll approach is that all clients are assigned a primary, secondary and backup bookkeeper at CMA to ensure that payroll is processed, as agreed.

Accounts Payable (Creditors)

CMA’s bookkeeping team will organise your accounts payable with attention to detail and communicate with you on upcoming payables or we can make the payments as required. We endeavour to manage a positive cash flow whilst strengthening supplier relations.

Our accounts payable process includes:

  • Timely and accurate invoice processing
  • Supplier reconciliations
  • Payment recommendations considering your cash flow commitments
  • Accurately complete all payment instructions
  • Process payments in your accounting system.

Accounts Receivable (Debtors)

CMA can provide a tailored accounts receivable process as well as assist with debtor collection, independent communication to debtors, and access to our debt collectors.

Our accounts receivable process can include:

  • Recording sales records in your accounting system
  • Keeping track of money owed
  • The set up of an invoicing system
  • Ensuring invoices are sent out in a timely manner
  • Reconciling revenues with your invoicing
  • Tracking payments and collections
  • Monitoring and communicating debtor balances
  • Identifying slow paying customers/clients.

Whilst each of these services can be provided some businesses like to be able to provide a quote, convert this to an invoice and issue the invoice immediately the work is completed. We can assist in putting in place a process that will facilitate this.

Maybe you would like to be able to receive payments on the spot? CMA can assist with this option.